About Us

A Hardwood Flooring and Restoration Company In Orlando

You have many companies to choose from in Orlando for hardwood flooring and installation, hardwood floor refinishing and water damage restoration.

Your project will be smoother if you choose a flooring company that shares the same values you do. Here are some of our values.

•We believe a properly installed hardwood floor can last over 100 years.
•Using the latest technical knowledge and training straight from big flooring manufacturers, especially for hardwood installation and water damage restoration.
•Your home can be transformed—from looking and feeling dated to showing like a home in a magazine.
•We believe in providing the correct paperwork directly to your insurance company for water damage restoration claims, making it an easier and smoother process for you.
•You should feel that your investment was well spent for many years.
•Extremely sensitive moisture sensor readings—not just look or touch—determine when your floors are “dry”. This prevents costly problems later.
•Your water damage restoration, hardwood floor repair, kitchen makeovers and bathroom makeovers should be done right the first time.
•We believe that restoring your hardwood floors after water damage or choosing new hardwood flooring improves your quality of life.

Quality Hardwood Flooring Installation and Restoration in Orlando

AB Floors & Restoration has been trained by the National Wood Flooring Association and holds certifications by the Institute of Carpet and Water Damage Restoration. This means you get the most out of your investment when cutting-edge installation and repair techniques are used for new and restored hardwood floors.

During one exclusive training, the facilitators actually flooded a two-story house, just so the attendees would learn the proper drying techniques for water damage restoration.

AB Floors & Restoration has been the go-to company for new hardwood floors, hardwood floor refinishing, and water damage restoration in Orlando and the rest of Central Florida. But don’t take our word for it. Go to our Testimonial Videos for actual customer testimonials and see the work for yourself.