Concrete Slab Moisture Mitigation and Waterproofing Orlando FL

Concrete Slab Moisture Mitigation and Waterproofing Orlando FL

Moisture is both one of concrete’s best friends as well as its biggest enemy. There always needs to be a certain amount to keep the concrete slab stable, but if too much moisture seeps in, it can result in thousands of dollars in damage. Moisture can cause corrosion, mold, mildew, as well as warped floorboards, peeling paint, or loose linoleum.

The added disruption of having to cease business operations to remove and replace flooring compounds the problem; this can be up to five time more expensive than doing it correctly the first time. Therefore, moisture mitigation is of paramount importance, especially when thinking about installing new hardwood floors or tile in a home or business.

One of the biggest problems we’ve come across over the years is that many other contractors think that simply using a moisture-resistant glue is all they need. The reality is, when high levels of moisture are present as they are here in Orlando, it is always necessary to grind and prep to the bare concrete first. Then, a separate layer of moisture mitigation must be applied before any additional flooring.

Concrete slab moisture mitigation and waterproofing for our Orlando customers is a core component of our services. We have fifteen years of experience working with people just like you. If you are seeing moisture damage like buckled wood floors, call us so we can repair and restore it with the latest moisture mitigation products. And if you’re thinking of putting in new flooring, don’t waste time or money by trying to cut corners. AB Floors & Restoration will do the job right the first time at a price you can afford.

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