Polished Concrete Orlando, FL Businesses Know and Trust

Polished Concrete Orlando, FL Businesses Know and Trust

Polished concrete is the hottest trend in flooring as it allows you to turn any drab grey concrete area into a durable, dazzling space with a unique color, pattern, or shine.

This polished look is achieved by grinding the top layer of concrete with diamond discs, much in the same way sandpaper is used. The diamond grit becomes finer and finer until the desired luster is achieved. These are represented by low-satin finish (400 – 600 grit), medium-gloss finish (800 grit), high-gloss finish (1500 – 3000 grit). During the polishing, a densifier is added which helps further strengthen the floor. Finally, a protective coating is added to the top of the finished surface.

A B Floors & Restoration uses an industrial planetary grinding/polishing machine that has a HEPA dust containment system to grind and polish the floor to the perfect level. Here are some popular uses of polished concrete in Orlando:
Industrial Floors

Industrial warehouses and storage facilities are a natural choice for concrete polishing because the refurbished surface can withstand heavy traffic from equipment and requires little maintenance. Concrete polishing involves preparing the floors with diamond grinding and applying an epoxy or polyurea application which both protects and beautifies.

Showroom Floors

Showroom FloorsMake your showroom floor sparkle with a glossy polished concrete finish. Choose from a wide variety of colors and levels of finish. Polished concrete is perfect for a lot of foot traffic and will quickly look fantastic with a light cleaning.

Gallery, Retail and Shopping Center Floors

Gallery, Retail and Shopping Center Floors If you’ve got a shopping or art gallery space, it makes sense to go with polished concrete. These floors can be customized to match your existing color scheme and practically invite themselves to be walked on.

School Floors

School FloorsConcrete polishing is excellent for school facilities, especially those on a budget. Large areas can be converted quickly for very little money per foot. It’s a solution that will last for many years and can withstand even the rowdiest of student bodies.

Food , Beverage and Restaurant Flooring

Food & Beverage and Restaurant FlooringDo you have a hot new restaurant space, or are you upgrading an old bar? Once again, concrete polishing is the answer that looks great, is easy to clean, and won’t break your budget. Combined with dramatic lighting, polished concrete can give your space a unique, trendy look. Non-slip polished concrete floor coating is also perfect for commercial kitchen areas and can prevent accidents.

Residential Floors

We also provide concrete polishing services for medium to large residential projects

Residential Floors

Office Floors

Office FloorsIt’s amazing what a polished concrete surface can do to rejuvenate an office space. Plus, upkeep is really easy for the cleaning crew. Bring back the company mojo with a new office floor, today!

When it comes to concrete polishing for businesses in Orlando, AB Floors & Restoration will help you pick the perfect solution for your space. Call us today for a free estimate.