Residential and Commercial Tile, Hardwood Flooring and Water Damage Restoration in Orlando

AB Floors & Restoration specializes in hardwood flooring installation and restoration for residential customers in Central Florida. We also serve commercial customers with carpet, tile and laminate flooring projects.

If you’re staring at a water-damaged hardwood floor or a wood floor that’s buckling, you just want to get it fixed! Dealing on your own with your insurance company to fix water damage takes time, and you’re not a flooring expert! Wouldn’t it be great to get help from a knowledgeable source?

Insurance company adjusters who have worked with AB Floors continue to recommend us because we are thorough and provide the detailed information they need for your water damage restoration claim. We make a messy process less stressful for you.

Why Choose AB Floors for Your Hardwood Flooring in Orlando?

•Your hardwood floor is an investment you’ll enjoy for years to come because AB Floors installs it correctly the first time.
•If your hardwood floor suffers water damage (common in Central Florida), we are certified in state-of-the-art techniques for hardwood floor water damage drying and restoration.
•We specialize in providing the correct paperwork directly to your insurance company for water damage restoration claims. We bill directly to your insurance, making it an easier and smoother process for you.
•Water damage often destroys cabinets and floors in other rooms, like the kitchen and bathroom. Our craftsmen can complete cabinet repair and shower repair. If you decide to replace with tile, we can do that, too.
•We work well with interior designers and homeowners alike to choose beautiful, long-lasting hardwood flooring that best accentuates your home.
•You’ll have like-new hardwood floors because we use the latest technologies for hardwood floor refinishing and hardwood floor repair.
•You can enjoy the convenience of having one trustworthy company handle your water damage, hardwood floor repair, kitchen makeovers and bathroom makeovers.