The Environmental Benefits of Wood Floors


Wood Floors: Beautiful and Better for the Environment

When it comes to quality flooring, few options are more beautiful, and durable, than hardwood flooring. Orlando residents rely on A.B. Floors to handle all of their hardwood flooring needs. If you have wanted a new hardwood floor for your home or business but were concerned about the impact on the environment, these facts about wood floors may surprise you.


  • According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Services, the average annual net growth for hardwood trees is greater than the number of annual removals.
  • The indoor air quality with wood floors is better than other types of flooring (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).
  • Wood is carbon neutral. Oxygen is produced during the growth cycle and carbon is stored during the service life (University of Wisconsin Wood Products Program Solid Wood Flooring Life Cycle Analysis).
  • Wooden floors use less energy and water to produce than other types of flooring options (University of Wisconsin Wood Products Program Solid Wood Flooring Life Cycle Analysis).
  • Wood floors will last hundreds of years and won’t require replacing as often as other options for flooring (National Association of Home Builders).
  • Most hardwood trees need 40-60 years to reach maturity, but the inventory planted now won’t need to be used for more than 100 years (National Wood Flooring Association).

As you can see, hardwood floors are actually an environmentally friendly option. And if you want , there are many colors and textures of wood to choose from. A hardwood floor will add beauty and value to your home in addition to being strong and long-lasting. To get the best service and quality for your new floor, you need A.B. Floors.

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