The Importance of Dustless Sanding and Water Based Finishes


Dustless Sanding and Water Based Finishes Mean Better Health

Traditional methods of sanding a hardwood floor are a huge hassle. It is an exceptionally dusty process that causes massive dust storms and potential health risks. If you want to get hardwood floor refinishing in Orlando but have hesitated because of the mess or health hazard, there is good news. Now there is a way to refinish your hardwood floor using a cleaner, healthier process that leaves your home virtually dust free and your floors looking better than ever.

Unlike traditional methods of hardwood floor sanding, our advanced dust containment system warranties an almost dustless sanding service. Your air ducts and the interior of your home stay clean and dust free, leaving you with clean air. There is no chance of dust particles settling down into your floor as the final coat dries, which means your floor will be smoother and shinier.

A.B. Floors & Restoration uses this new technology to provide clean air and smooth floors in all our hardwood floor refinishing. Orlando residents have counted on us for over 10 years to help with all their flooring needs. Our expert technicians are trained by Bona and we employ the best dust containment systems available anywhere in the industry. A.B. Floors & Restoration ensures that every hardwood floor refinishing is low on dust and big on beauty.

In addition to using dustless sanding, we recommend our clients use only water based finishes. Water based finishes mean very low VOCs and not formaldehyde in your new finish. Water based finishes also mean faster drying times. The color of your finish will not change when water based finishes are used either, so no matter what color you choose for your floor, it will remain that way with no discoloration.

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