Caring For Your Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood flooring in Orlando is easier to care for than you may think.  While many people believe hardwood floors require a lot of expensive special cleaning products, the opposite is true.  Hardwood floors are simple to maintain and clean.  A little effort with your hardwood floor will keep it looking as good as new.  To help get the most out of your hardwood floor, follow these cleaning suggestions.

  • Polyurethane and other surface finishes only need easy cleaning.  Sweep or vacuum them regularly or use a dust mop.  Never use tile or vinyl floor cleaning products on a wood floor.
  • Never use a self-polishing acrylic wax on your wood floor.  These waxes will cause your floor to become slippery and dull.  When this occurs, the floor has to be sanded and refinished.  You should also never use cleaning products such as Windex, furniture polish, or Murphy’s Oil on a wood floor.
  • Do not damp mop a wood floor.  Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning any surface-finished floor.  Excessive moisture and standing water may damage the wood, dull the finish, and cause discoloration.  Use only a lightly dampened (nearly dry) mop on a wood floor.  If water is spilled on a wood floor, wipe it up immediately with a clean cloth.
  • To prevent scratches and scuff marks on a wood floor, place throws rugs or floor mats at doorways to help protect the floor from dirt, grit, and sand.  Place felt pads underneath the legs of furniture and vacuum and dust your wood floor on a regular basis.
  • For cleaning, we recommend Bona hardwood floor cleaners or Bruce hardwood floor cleaner.

Hardwood flooring in Orlando is easy to clean and adds value and beauty to your home.  We have helped clients with their hardwood floors for over 10 years and are a fully licensed and insured flooring company.  Our clients are our number one priority.  If you are interested in getting new hardwood flooring in Orlando, call A.B. Floors at 407-513-4787 and speak with one of our friendly flooring professionals today.